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astm-2Biokinetics is contributing its expertise and experience to creating a safer nation as a member of ASTM's (American Society for Testing and Materials) newest technical committee; E54 on Homeland Security Applications. Biokinetics is involved with the ASTM subcommittee E54.04 on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Link:

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linkedinSee the latest testing and R&D news on our Google+ and LinkedIn sites. Our recent posting presents an interactive experience to access ballistics standards and ammunition requirements, click here.

Personal Armour Systems Symposium

overlayBiokinetics will be at the PASS in Amsterdam on Sep. 19th-23rd to discuss behind armour blunt trauma (BABT) assessment methods. While there are more biofidelic methods to measure the underlying trauma from the backface of armour impacting the head or torso, an understanding of the measurements, their accuracy and repeatability are essential for their consideration as a standard for evaluating the safety of products. Drop by and see how we can help solve your challenges from ballistic, blast and blunt impact threats.

Celebrating 40 Years!

bio_40_3We have been Making an Impact on Safety for 40 years! Over four decades we have marched ahead, tackling injuries in sports, driving down automotive fatalities and defeating ballistic threats to our soldiers and police officers. Our expertise truly makes a difference, first by understanding the limits of human injury and then by creating systems to make them less likely to happen. We do this by effective product standards, realistic performance specifications and rigorous testing of protective systems that truly deliver the goods. Our name is our bond and you can continue to trust Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. for the next forty years

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