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Race Car Head/Neck Protection

overlay Automobile racers have traditionally worn helmets similar to those used by motorcyclists to protect against blunt and penetrating head injuries. Recently widespread use of the Head and Neck Support (HANS) has also helped to limit neck tension injury in a collision. A new integrated Helmet and Neck Support (iHANS) has been developed that could revolutionize racing head protection. The iHANS is a combination of helmet and HANS. The helmet portion is fixed relative to the neck collar, which is in turn secured down by way of the traditional shoulder straps. There is sufficient space inside the helmet portion to allow for head movement. This reduces helmet weight borne neck fatigue and also reduces wind buffeting to allow a clearer view of the track ahead. Standard SFI 38.1 sled testing as well as a host of direct impact and projectile tests have proved its safety potential. Read more about it in the 2012 paper and watch a Discovery Channel piece on You Tube