Protective Equipment Testing

body_paddingPersonal protective gear consists of guards or pads installed over various body regions. It protects the wearer from impact in two ways. First, it distributes impact force over a larger area, thus reducing the localized pressure at the point of contact. Secondly, it may absorb some of the impact energy by using resilient padding material or suspension systems. In both cases, effective design and evaluation of personal protective equipment relies on understanding and quantifying the typical threat as well as the human’s tolerance to injury at that body region.

equestrian_torso_protectorBiokinetics has considerable experience in the design and testing of all types of personal impact protection garments. From riot suits to equestrian torso protectors to spine protectors for Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, we have designed numerous protection devices for numerous products. In every case we have developed specific test methods to optimize the design and rate it against competitors in the marketplace.

If need personal protective equipment designed for specific applications, or simply want to optimize your current designs for a leg-up in the marketplace, please give us a call.