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Company History

The study of mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of a living organism.


Biokinetics’ expertise in impact biomechanics started when the company, founded in 1975 by James A. Newman (see biography), consulted on developing head protection standards for motorcyclists and on child safety issues for government bodies. The company soon became principal consultants to the Canadian federal government for developing vehicle occupant crash protection specifications and for developing aircrew head protection standards. These programs quickly distinguished the company as one of the foremost authorities in bodily injury prevention and analysis. Biokinetics has since grown into transportation, professional sports, military and law enforcement applications developing injury prevention measures that affect our lives every day. Helmet designs that reduced the risk of concussion in sports and law enforcement, better test methods to evaluate the reduction of blunt force trauma from bullet strike and safer standards to ensure the best protection for vehicle occupants are just some examples that can be attributed to Biokinetics' contributions.

Over the past four decades, Biokinetics has applied its knowledge of injury prevention to the evaluation and testing of protection equipment and systems. With interest from regulatory agencies, research bodies and industry, Biokinetics develops and sells specialized test equipment increasing the understanding of injury reduction strategies and the development of more effective protective systems.

Biokinetics continues to advance the body of knowledge in injury prevention and analysis with contributions to the world’s technical and regulatory communities being made to this very day.