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James A. Newman

Dr-Jim-NewmanBiokinetics was founded by James A. Newman in 1975 who brought to the company innovation, uncompromising excellence and enthusiasm; the same values that carry the company forward today.

James Newman, a former professor of mechanical engineering has published extensively in the field of head injury biomechanics and helmet performance and co-owns several important helmet patents. He has chaired several Canadian Standards Association helmet committees for many years and has represented Canada on various US and international bodies involved in the development of protective equipment and vehicle safety standards. He has served as a Director of the Snell Memorial Foundation and was a member of the Stapp Car Crash Conference Advisory Board for a decade.

His research has led to the development of better safety standards for occupant protection and for protective headgear in motorcycling, hockey, football, bicycling, military, bomb disposal, aircrew, firefighting, coast guard operations, as well as industrial applications. In recognition of his contributions to head protection research, he was named a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Previously he had been inducted into the International Health and Safety Hall of Fame and in 1995 was elected as a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.

During his career he has been an invited speaker at universities and research institutes throughout North America and Europe. He is the author of the Schiffer Publishing book, Modern Sports Helmets; Their History, Science and Art. James Newman currently resides in Edmonton Alberta where, between consulting engagements, he works on restoring his vintage Austin Healey.