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DSL Accreditation

Drone Testing - Accredited

Biokinetics’ DSL (Drone Safety Lab) has received ISO 17025 accreditation to the drone-to-head impact test methods of ASTM F3389, Method D by the ANSI National Accreditation Board. By adhering to quality management practices, customers will have greater confidence in the results with international recognition.

Achievement: In our pursuit of biomechanical engineering excellence, we have expanded our adherence of the quality management principles of ISO 17025 to the DSL demonstrating our ability to carry out complex test requirements with unwavering competency and traceability. Biokinetics’ DSL is the first to achieve this accreditation by building upon its four decades of expertise in transportation, defence and professional sports injury biomechanics.

Benefits: It is extremely important when testing sophisticated drones costing tens of thousands of dollars that the test lab can demonstrate reliability, repeatability and reproducibility of the test results as this can mean the beginning (or end) of the expansion of drone services over people. As a result, all aspects of testing are dealt with starting from the program scope, to setup and execution of the tests, to data conditioning and analysis, and finally to comprehensive reporting including sensor traceability and measurement variability (the very foundation upon which ISO 17025 is built upon).

Test Methods: The ASTM F3389, Method D “Standard Test Method for Assessing the Safety of Small Unmanned Aircraft Impacts” is being used as Means of Compliance to satisfy the performance requirements of the latest FAA regulation (14 CFR Part 107, Subpart D) Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Operations Over Human Beings. The ASTM test method is a consensus based standard being developed by stakeholders involved with drone manufacturing, operations, and regulation. See the Test Info Sheet.

Accreditation Notes: Biokinetics has received accreditation to the ISO 17025 quality program by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), the largest multi-disciplinary accreditation body in North America. Our accreditation certificate can be found here