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Our Services

Biokinetics offers engineering consulting and laboratory testing services related to human injury prevention. Our services extend across military, law enforcement, correctional services, professional sports and land/air/sea transportation applications. Our experience in the sciences of injury mechanisms, threat loads and bodily response evaluation has resulted from decades of applied research. Whether it be studying the energy associated with an impact event, developing unique human impact simulation experiments or simply running tests to recognized industry standards for protective apparel, our diversified team is eager to help you solve your injury prevention challenges.

The breadth and quality of our work is demonstrated in many of our achievements including for example:

  • The study of mild traumatic brain injury in professional sports that has resulted in safer products, test methods and game play rules.

  • Better blunt force trauma and behind armour blunt trauma assessment methods with the development of injury risk assessment functions, test methods and human surrogates.

  • Novel overpressure blast affects evaluation methods for the torso and head exposed to IEDs and thermobaric weapons.

  • The development of national and interational performance standards for head and bodily protection.

If your challenge is related to understanding and preventing human impact injury, we can help.