About Us

Keeping people safe has been Biokinetics’ mission for over 45 years. Whether it is protecting police and soldiers against blunt impact, ballistic or blast threats, or creating a safer world for athletes and road users alike, our injury biomechanics expertise helps build better helmets, create more effective body padding, and engineer human safety systems. We bring our experience and technical know-how to solve your most demanding research and development projects.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories for impact, ballistic and drone safety house custom testing and measurement devices to study protective systems against the full spectrum of threats. Located in Ottawa, Canada, we serve our international clientele with research, development, and compliance programs. Do you have an idea, a new piece of gear or existing item you wish to evaluate or improve? We are happy to discuss your plans, select the right test and deliver the best solution to meet your schedule.

ADVISE you with the most effective approach,

EVALUATE the threats,

ENSURE that you get the right protective equipment,

…that’s our mission. What’s yours?