Biokinetics provides a range of professional services encompassing engineering consulting and laboratory testing, primarily focused on the realm of human injury prevention. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including military, law enforcement, correctional services, professional sports, and applications related to land, air, and sea transportation. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades of practical research in injury mechanisms, threat assessments, and the evaluation of bodily responses, our team is well-equipped to address your injury prevention needs. Whether it involves the analysis of impact event energy, the development of innovative human impact simulation experiments, or the execution of tests aligned with recognized industry standards for protective apparel, we stand ready to assist in resolving your injury prevention challenges.


Head impact can cause skull fractures and focal or diffuse brain injury which can result in threat to life. Impacts to the face and jaw can cause bony fractures and ocular injuries. Human protective equipment must be tested in ways that simulate the mass and energy of the impact event and also measure the force or impulse experienced by the head, such that these measurements can be used to estimate the risk of injury. Biokinetics has the experience and in-house capabilities to simulate real-world impact events and assess injury risk for all types of head impacts.


NIJ Standard–0115.00, Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor, is an equipment performance standard developed by the Office of Law Enforcement Standards at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in collaboration with the Police Scientific Development Branch (PSDB) in the United Kingdom (UK). It is produced as part of the Law Enforcement and Corrections Standards and Testing Program of the National Institute of Justice.


Currently, there is an urgent need from the law enforcement acquisition community to evaluate the safety of less-lethal ammunition such as sponge grenades, and beanbag rounds and rubber bullets. Until recently there has been little to no policy or guidance and they must rely on their own discretion to determine whether the device meets the law enforcement definition of less-lethal.


Drones are being used in all aspects of personal and professional life and are rapidly increasing in popularity as the technologies develop.