What We Do

At Biokinetics we are a diverse team of engineering and technical professionals who specialize in the field of human impact biomechanics. We provide engineering consulting and bespoke testing for human injury prevention in the arenas of military, law enforcement, corrections, sports and transportation safety. The human body is a unique engineering platform, comprising bones, ligaments, musculature, circulatory, respiratory, nervous and cerebral tissues, each with its own tolerance to blunt impact and injury risks when such levels are exceeded. In understanding the threats that cause bodily injury as well as the types and grades of human injury that can result from them, we offer a unique skillset to better understand their occurrence and mitigation. Since 1975, we have continued to grow and develop these skills, as well as to creating laboratory spaces and engineer test methods for evaluating protective products, from early concepts right through finished products. Biokinetics serves a wide range of clientele, from single-person inventors to large manufacturers, government agencies to international regulatory bodies.

We have a dedicated laboratories for biomechanics, ballistics and medium-speed projectiles. We have standardized stations for helmet testing, material crush, stability, sports collisions, ballistic armour, less-lethal deterrents, stab, slash and drone impacts, as well as associated environmental conditioning equipment. Where holes exist in the technology to evaluate these areas better, we have engineering design, prototyping and fabrication facilities to develop new and better systems. We develop software for high-speed data collection and ballistic testing methods. In fact, nearly every piece of test equipment and software in our labs was designed by us, and we can make them for you, too.

It took us over 45 years to get here, but you can save that time and give us a call today!