Ballistics Testing

At Biokinetics, we believe that there is no substitute for experience. For more than two decades, we have supported military and commercial test programs that focus on protecting the human body from impact threats

Whether it is armour for vehicles or personnel, Biokinetics has the tools, people, and experience to get the job done. We perform ballistics testing on armour products with our military, law enforcement and corrections clients in our ISO 17025:2017 accredited ballistics laboratory and routinely test armour against fragmentation threats per military standards and body armour following NIJ 0101.06 and other specifications. Biokinetics offers solutions to industry, government and universities ranging from R&D, testing and evaluation to injury biomechanics and quality management programs.

Product Performance Testing – Ballistic services offered by Biokinetics focus on terminal ballistics including evaluating behind-armour effects and resistance-to-penetration. Our services include using standardized test methods for evaluating personal protective armour (vests, helmets), protective structures, transparent armour, vehicle armour, and anything else you can imagine.

Advanced Testing – In addition to testing to industry standards, we excel at providing bespoke testing programs utilizing advanced test methods, instrumentation and measurement devices for research and development, protective technology comparisons, and assessing injury potential.

Wound Ballistics – Biokinetics has been involved in various wound ballistics projects, including evaluating bullet performance in ordnance gelatin, assessing direct and indirect ballistic fractures using natural and synthetic bone, and comparing porcine thorax to gelatin blocks. We have the knowledge and experience to accommodate your most demanding test requirements.


Projectiles – Biokinetics uses a Universal Receiver with interchangeable barrels to launch fragments from 2 mm to 12.7 mm per MIL-DTL-46593B (MR) and bullets from 22 caliber to 50 caliber per NIJ and various other law enforcement and military specifications.

Speed – Biokinetics has a variety of options to measure striking and residual velocities including Biokinetics’ SpeedTube™, Infinition’s 35.5 GHz radar antenna designed for velocity measurement with unprecedented resolution, Oehler ballistic light screens, Whithner break-screens, and high-speed video.

Yaw – Biokinetics has a variety of options to measure yaw ranging from traditional yaw cards to high precision measurements with Biokinetics’ high-resolution YawBox™.

Backing Materials – Biokinetics has a wide range of test fixtures to support various target sizes and witness materials ranging from air-backed to fully supported using industry standards like Chavant ROMA PLASTILINA NO. 1 ballistic testing clay and GELITA® BALLISTIC/ORDNANCE GELATIN for ballistic tests and tissue simulations. Behind armour blunt trauma can also be measured with our instrumented head (BLSH) and torso (BTTR) that provide realistic support of the armour system.

Data Collection and Ballistic Performance Analysis – Executing ballistics test programs for research, compliance or quality control is a multi-faceted activity with documentation, methodological, analytical and certification requirements to comply with performance test standards, operating procedures, and quality management systems. Biokinetics has created custom software tools to facilitate both the routine and complex tasks encountered in ballistics testing. These include testing workflow software (TestFlow™), testing aids and comprehensive statistical analysis tools (V50 Assist™)

Security – Biokinetics ensures confidentiality to our customers with our secure facility and screened staff. We adhere to government programs for the import or export of controlled goods for our international clientele.