Wound Ballistics

Wound ballistics is an inter-disciplinary science, involving a wide range of specialists– doctors, physicists, lawyers, weapons experts, etc. to assess the survivability and lethality of projectiles.
Wound ballistics is the sub-domain of terminal ballistics that addresses the behaviour and effects of a bullet in a person or an animal, it can be considered the interdisciplinary intersection of trauma medicine and terminal ballistics. Biokinetics has been involved in various wound ballistics projects such as evaluating over-match testing of ballistic armour, bullet performance in ordnance gelatin, the evaluation of real and synthetic bone embedded in ordnance gelatin to evaluate direct and indirect ballistic fractures, and the comparison of porcine thorax to gelatin blocks for wound ballistics studies. Biokinetics has the experience and capability to conduct wound ballistics studies, whether it is related to projectile DOP analysis and energy transfer, dynamic cavitation characterization, stress wave propagation, or studying the effects on anatomical structures from direct or indirect contact.