Clamps and Fixtures

Ballistic armour requires special preparation, pre-test conditioning, clamping, spall containment and witness media fixturing depending on the specific test standard and requirements.

Biokinetics has developed a number of fixtures to facilitate sample preparation while complying with test requirements, whether for body armour, helmets, vehicle armour, shields or structural materials. Attention to ease-of-use, intended function, integration with complimentary tools and quality is at the core of equipment. Details are provided below and in Biokinetics equipment catalogue.

Ballistics Clay Headform

Used as a ballistics witness to penetration for combat helmets whether filled with clay or metal plate insert. It’s integrated with a quick connect adjustable support base to facilitate shot obliquity and has rapid removal.

Ballistics Helmet Test Fixture ​

Obtaining repeatable ballistics performance assessment of helmets needs accurate targeting and obliquity. The fixture improves test accuracy and speed with a flexible clamping system and strategic adjustments points that reduce iterations. Positioning jigs provide accurate positioning of witness plates or clay behind the shell for backface deformation measurements. A clay ball mould improves consistency and accuracy of the witness shape.

Ballistics Attenuation Headform Rail

The NIJ 0106.01 standard for ballistics helmets requires attenuation of the bullet impact within a global head acceleration tolerance. The rail system supports the rigid headform and allows it to translate as result of the bullet’s momentum transfer.

Ballistics Plate Edge Impactor

The durability of ballistics plates from a free-fall edge drop can be assessed with the ballistic plate edge impactor and available twin wire drop tower. Compatible with any style ballistic resistant plate.

Ballistic Armour Wet Immersion

The immersion tank fits all sizes of NIJ 0101.06 body armour. It includes a watertight reservoir with drain spout, roller wheels, and a support fixture for test samples.

Ballistic Armour Universal Support

Various sizes of clamps are available to support rigid armor materials. This universal support fixture provides angular and height adjustments when mounted on our test platform.

Ballistics Soft Armor Clamp

This clamp is designed in accordance with STANAG 2920 for ballistics limit testing to hold flexible armor textiles providing a measurable and repeatable tension across the soft armor test sample.