Biokinetics offers a suite of custom test fixtures and tools to facilitate testing of armour and protective systems to military and law enforcement armour standards.


Comprehensive evaluation of the protective performance of combat helmets not only involves assessing the resistance to ballistic penetration but also the secondary effects such as behind helmet blunt trauma and the effects of momentum transfer to the head and neck and related linear or rotational kinematics. Biokinetics has developed specialized test equipment to evaluate the protective effectiveness of ballistic helmets with better accuracy and relevance than previously possible. Specialized fixtures improve test-to-test repeatability while surrogate heads with more human-like response provide a more accurate description of the dynamic interactions between the head and helmet. Accuracy and ease of use are at the core of our test equipment.

Body Armour

Biokinetics has developed specialized test equipment to evaluate the protective effectiveness and injury potential of ballistics armour systems for behind armour blunt trauma. The test surrogates are human-like in response and therefore provide a more accurate description of the dynamic loading event and interaction with the armour systems such as ballistics resistant vests and plates. While the test surrogates are being considered for use in product purchase specifications and standards, they are currently applicable to armour system research and development.


Biokinetics provides a suite of custom fixtures to facilitate testing with the ballistics clay backing used in armour performance standards. Clay requires careful preparation, verification and handling during ballistics testing for repeatable and accurate assessment of performance. Our tools address the need to obtain consistent ballistic clay backings including preparation, transportation, repair and calibration. Furthermore, clay firmness must be controlled requiring temperature conditioning with our heating solution and verification with our steel ball impactor setup.

Speed and yaw

Ballistics testing requires repeatable and reproducible projectile strikes in terms of projectile impact speed and yaw. Biokinetics has developed custom tools, measurement sensors and analysis software to meet the exacting requirements of today’s ballistic performance standards and research needs. Emphasis is placed on their ease of use, accuracy and traceability where applicable.

testing and analysis

Executing ballistics test programs for research, compliance or quality control is a multi-faceted activity with documentation, methodological, analytical and certification requirements to comply with performance test standards, operating procedures, and quality management systems. Biokinetics has created custom software tools to facilitate both the routine and complex tasks encountered in ballistics testing. Briefly these involve test workflow software, testing aids and statistical analysis tools.

Clamp and Fixtures

Ballistic armour requires special preparation, pre-test conditioning, clamping, spall containment and witness media fixturing depending on the specific test standard and requirements. Biokinetics has developed a number of fixtures to facilitate sample preparation while complying with test requirements, whether for body armour, helmets, vehicle armour, shields or structural materials. Attention to ease-of-use, intended function, integration with complimentary tools and quality is at the core of equipment. Details are provided below and in Biokinetics equipment catalogue.