Biokinetics is proud to be at the forefront of ballistics testing methodologies and to provide leading insights regarding the safety, impact, and effectivness of ballistic helmets, body armour, shields and related personal protective equipment (PPE).

Our team understands the importance of ensuring that PPE is able to perform as intended in high-risk situations for law enforcement, military personnel, security specialists and more.

From advanced impact devices to meticulously integrated software and software and measurement tools, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at facilitating precise data collection, analysis, and documentation in ballistics testing. Biokinetics offers comprehensive ballistic testing for:


Thorough evaluation of the protective performance of combat helmets involves assessing resistance to ballistic penetration, as well as the effects of blunt trauma and the potential for soft tissue damage caused by kinetic transfer from projectiles into the head and neck from non-penetrating projectiles. Biokinetics has developed specialized test equipment to evaluate the protective efficacy of ballistic helmets and is able to provide industry-leading results where accuracy and relevancy are concerned. Specialized fixtures improve test-to-test repeatability, while surrogate testing heads are designed to provide a more human-like response for accurate assessment of dynamic helmet-to-head interaction. 

Body Armour

Biokinetics laboratories are well equipped with specialized equipment that allows us to deliver highly accurate and dependable results regarding the protective effectiveness and injury potential of ballistics armour systems for blunt trauma caused by kinetic transfer from armour to soft tissues. As with our helmet testing models, all human proxies are designed to provide the most realistic response possible and, therefore, provide a more accurate description of the dynamic loading event and interaction with the armour systems such as ballistics-resistant vests and plates. While the test surrogates are being considered for use in product purchase specifications and standards, they are currently applicable to armour system research and development.

Ballistic Clay

Biokinetics provides a suite of custom fixtures to facilitate testing with the ballistics clay backing used in armour performance standards. Our tools are able to efficiently meet the unique requirements of ballistic testing for clay backings, including preparation, transportation, repair temperature conditioning,  calibration and more. 

Speed and yaw

In order for ballistics testing to be as accurate as possible, the results of projectile strikes must be repeatable and reproducible. Biokinetics has developed custom tools, measurement sensors and analysis software to evaluate projectile speed and yaw to meet the stringent requirements of today’s ballistic performance standards and research needs. Emphasis is placed on their ease of use, accuracy and traceability where applicable.

testing and analysis

Executing ballistics test programs for research, compliance, and quality control requires rigorous documentation, multiple certifications, alignment with performance test standards, and more. As a leading team, Biokinetics has created custom software tools to facilitate both the routine and complex tasks encountered in ballistics testing, including workflow software, testing aids, and statistical analysis tools. 

Test and Fixtures

Ballistic armour requires special preparation, pre-test conditioning, clamping, spall (fragment) containment, and witness media fixturing, depending on the test standard and requirements. Our team has developed and utilizes high-quality fixtures to facilitate sample preparation while complying with test requirements, whether for body armour, helmets, vehicle armour, shields or structural materials. Attention to ease of use, intended function, integration with complimentary tools and quality is at the core of equipment. 

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