Military & Law Enforcement

We believe that the brave men and women who dedicate themselves to public safety deserve the best protection that we can provide.
This broad category includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Police, Corrections, Border Services, Structural and Forest Fire Services, Paramedics and all others who put themselves at risk of injury in service to their community. Since 1975, Biokinetics’ engineering research and development work has touched on every one of these vocations, whether it be blast, ballistic, stab and slash, or blunt head and body impact. We work to understand the threats, study the injury mechanisms and establish injury risk based on human injury tolerance. The field of Biokinetics is the application of the mechanical engineering principles of force and motion to the biological materials that comprise the human body. All materials have structural limits, and injury defines those material limits in humans. For over four decades, our team at Biokinetics has focused on all aspects of injury research and prevention. We remain committed to defining better injury mechanisms, understanding human tolerances, advancing new injury assessment methods and developing and evaluating personal protective systems.