Sports Impact Safety

In the early 1970’s Dr. James Newman, then a professor of Mechanical Engineering, taught an engineering design course and one of the projects was an ice hockey helmet. This began a journey of designing and testing helmets and other protective gear that’s been going strong for over five decades.
This merging of engineering and human injury prevention planted a seed, and in 1975 Dr. Newman founded Biokinetics and Associates Ltd., where that seed has continued to grow for nearly five decades. Whether it be designing helmets for sports, military, police, and firefighting as well as testing, or expert support, safety engineering has been part of our fabric since the beginning. Biokinetics technical personnel support several helmet standards committees for bicycle, equestrian, skiing, skateboarding and ice hockey. Since 1997, Biokinetics has worked with the National Football League to study concussion injury, develop specialized test equipment for football helmets and mouth guards, review research grant funding and test football helmets. We have studied injury causation and protection in soccer for FIFA, as well as for gymnastics, lacrosse, golf, disc golf, hockey, football, cycling, skiing, white-water, curling, martial arts and the list goes on. Where testing machines don’t exist, we engineer, build, and make them available to others. Sports injury risk is real, but we stive to make it safer for everyone.