Transportation Safety

Transportation safety is where it began with Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. in 1975, protecting people on the move. We have worked for two decades in automotive occupant safety using crash test dummies to evaluate seat belt fit, steering wheels, airbags, side impact structures, rollovers, flammability risk, and a host of different crash related topics.
With motorcycles we have studied accidents, evaluated headgear, designed crash test dummies and evaluated braking systems. We have studied snowmobiles, watercraft, buoyancy devices, child car seats and pedestrian impacts. We have designed, developed and tested many different crash helmets and associated laboratory testing equipment. The common element to all these topics were the daily events that suddenly turned into threats to life, and the engineering research and development applied to reduce those risks. Our understanding of human injury tolerance and laboratory testing principles has fed seamlessly into the sectors of Military, Police, Sports and Drone Safety today.