What Are Some of the Core Components That Inform Helmet Safety Testing

sports helmet safety testing

Head, brain (TBI) and spinal cord injuries (SCI) remain some of the deadliest and most life-altering occurrences in the world of professional sports, as well as personal recreation. Helmets that adhere to current and evolving safety standards play an essential role in mitigating harm and allowing athletes of all levels to pursue their passion as […]

Shaping the Future of Helmet Safety Testing

sports helmet testing

Helmet safety testing remains a vital concern when it comes to protecting both recreational and professional participants in organized sports, those commuting by bicycle or motorcycle, and individuals engaged in the many different activities that present a risk for head trauma. While the current methods and modelling behind standardized testing present a valuable way to […]

Ensuring Athlete Well-being With Sports Research

sports impact research

As the world of sports medicine and kinesiology continues to gain an increasing understanding of the profound effects blunt force trauma can have on the body, the importance of adequate safety gear and protection measures has become even more apparent. Sports safety research plays a pivotal role in understanding, mitigating, and preventing injuries that can […]