Understanding NIJ Ballistic Levels: Ensuring User Safety Through Rigorous Testing

ballistic testing

When it comes to ensuring the optimal safety of law enforcement and military personnel in high-conflict scenarios, ensuring protective equipment is alignmed with current safety standards and practices is paramount. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is a leading authority for safety protocols and maintains a dedicated set of standards for ballistic resistance that allow […]

Stab / Slash Test Apparatus

STAB/SLASH Test Equipment The resistance of body armour to penetration from commercial or street weapons, such as knives or spikes, can be assessed with the Stab Test Apparatus designed to meet international law enforcement and military standards. The system provides the ability to test soft and hard armour meeting the stringent specifications from the U.S. […]

Ballistics Testing Equipment

Ballistics Test Equipment Biokinetics offers a suite of custom test fixtures and tools to facilitate testing of armour and protective systems to military and law enforcement armour standards. Helmets Comprehensive evaluation of the protective performance of combat helmets not only involves assessing the resistance to ballistic penetration but also the secondary effects such as behind […]

Impact Testing Equipment

Impact Test Equipment Biokinetics has led the way to developing more relevant test equipment to better understand the protective benefits of helmets and body padding. This includes the development of test devices having more human-like impact responses, the design of impact devices to better replicate real-world conditions as well as offering software and measurement tools […]